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Company Profile

Drywall Master Tools, Inc. is the brain-child of Larry D'Souza, who was also the founder of many other companies related to drywall tools and building materials. In December 2000, some of Larry's former colleagues felt the need for a better automatic taping tool in the market — with the least amount of downtime. The result, Drywall Master Tools was created to develop affordable tools that meet the demands of drywall contractors.

Drywall Master Tools has assembled a staff with the combined experience of over 60 years in manufacturing, designing and incorporating the latest technology available in automatic taping tools:

  • Over 20 engineers, designers, consultants and contractors have spent thousands of hours producing one of the finest tools for the drywall taping professional.
  • These experts have manufactured and sold thousands of tools all over the United States (including Hawaii and Alaska), Australia, New Zealand, Europe and most of the industrialized world.
  • Our design engineers and technical staff have spent years researching manufacturing and field-testing techniques to compile performance data for these tools.
  • Our tools have been tested with extremely positive feedback.
  • Our tools are designed to last an average of 10 years or more (with routine maintenance).

Top 10 Reason to use Drywall Master Tools

  1. Competitive pricing means higher profits to end-users, dealers and distributors around the World.
  2. Our products are developed by industry experts.
  3. Drywall Master Tools are designed using advanced engineering techniques.
  4. Our tools are rigously tested by seasoned drywall tapers and finishers.
  5. With pending legislation, owning tools could provide investment tax credits.
  6. Superior grade materials provide increased longevity and durability - our tools are build to last.
  7. We have what you need when you need it - our products can be shipped within one business day.
  8. Our extensive multi-million dollar parts inventory ensures fast access to replacement parts.
  9. Our comprehensive maintenance program will put you in charge of your service and repair costs.
  10. Superior 5 year warranty included with every purchase makes owning tools worry free.

Customer Testimonials

Dear Larry,

I’d like to personally thank Drywall Master Tools for providing me with high-quality, cost-efficient tools. I purchased your Drywall Master Tools about a year ago, and I am extremely satisfied with their performance. Plus, your service and maintenance department has kept my tools in mint condition. I have used your tools since the early 80s and I am pleased to continue to do business with you. My experience with your company has led me to refer many tapers over the past 20 years, and those referrals have communicated complete satisfaction. Thank you for making me, my customers and my colleagues look good in the marketplace.

Thank you again,

Buddy Phillips
Cedar Lake, Indiana

Dear Drywall Master Tools,

I have been in business ten years. I purchased a taper from your Chicago distributor. Since then, my best crew has used it on several jobs. The quality of your tools are superior! I’m always looking for the best quality at the best price. I will continue to use your product and encourage any taper to taping business to try your product.


Ramon Venegas
Venegas Drywall
Monroe, Illinois

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