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Drywall Master Flat Finisher Handle
Drywall Master Flat Box Handle head view
Drywall Master Hell-Bent Box Handle
Hell Bent Box Handle

Flat Finisher Box Quicktime Videos:

  1. Connecting the Flat Finisher Box to the Flat Finisher Handle (1.5MB)
  2. Filling the Flat Finisher Box with Mud (2.1MB)
  3. Applying the First Coat of Mud to Wall (2.5MB)
  4. Applying the First Coat of Mud to Ceiling (1.3MB)



Drywall Master Flat Finisher Handles come in an extensive array of sizes to reach a multitude of lengths. The 42" handle is our most popular size. Universal fitment allows you to use a Drywall Master Flat Finisher Handle with any Flat Box on the market (excluding TapeWorm). Available in a traditional straight handle design, or our exclusive egonomically bent handle design - The Hell-Bent Box Handle.


The Hell-Bent Box Handle is a Drywall Master exclusive. This is the hottest fixed length box handle on the market. It's ergonmic designs provides leverage making effortless work coating headers and butt joints. Put pressure on the wall, and less on you.
Hell Bent Box Handle


  • High Quality

  • Strength and Durability

  • Material Improvements for Longevity

  • Quality Made in the USA (parts and assembly)

Product Numbers:
34DMFH - 34" Flat Finisher Handle
38DMFH - 38" Flat Finisher Handle
42DMFH - 42" Flat Finisher Handle
48DMFH - 48" Flat Finisher Handle
54DMFH - 54" Flat Finisher Handle
60DMFH - 60" Flat Finisher Handle
66DMFH - 66" Flat Finisher Handle
72DMFH - 72" Flat Finisher Handle

34DMHBFH - 34" Hell-Bent Box Handle
42DMHBFH - 42" Hell-Bent Box Handle
54DMHBFH - 54" Hell-Bent Box Handle
72DMHBFH - 72" Hell-Bent Box Handle

Parts Diagrams:

Flat Finisher Handles Diagram


The Flat Finisher Handle is used to control the Flat Finisher Box. Handles come in a multitude of sizes so that you can reach any number of lengths. Simply slide the head of the Handle underneath the wing-nut style screws on the face of the Flat Finisher Box and tighten. Trigger on Handle allows you to lock and release the box in the desired position.


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