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Mixing mud with an Advance Boomerang Mixer - Watch
Using Drywall Master Flat Box to coat flat joints - Watch
Using Drywall Master Corner Box with Angle Head on corners - Watch
Using Drywall Master Taper, Roller and Angle Head - Watch
Filling Drywall Master Flat Box with Loading Pump - Watch
Attaching the Gooseneck and filling the Automatic Taper- Watch
Introducing the superior Drywall Master Taper - Watch
Mixing drywall mud - Watch
Mixing Mud to desired consistency for finish coats - Watch
Mixing mud with Boomerang Mixer to use with automatic taper - Watch
Filling the Drywall Master Taper with mud and loading tape spool - Watch
Filling the Drywall Master Corner Applicator with Mud - Watch
Applying tape to vertical flats with Drywall Master Taper - Watch
Applying tape to horizontal flats with Drywall Master Taper - Watch
Wiping joints with Offset Drywall Taping Knife - Watch